As directed by the founder all festivals of serval incarnation of deities are being held at Calcutta Temple including decorations, distribution of Prasad, processions and theistic exhibition on the following occasions:-

The said festival start from the first day of vikram Sambat year on which day special bhog of Makhan (Butter) and Mishri (Sugarcandy) is offered.

On Ram Navami Day Shree Satyanarayanjee is given the shape and birth of Ramavtar is celebrated in the noon.

On Akhoy Navami Triteeya Day Shree Satynaryanjee is given the shape and birth of Ramavtar is celebrated.

On Vaisakh Sukla 7th the image of Shree Gangajee within the sanctum is Placed in a small wooden floral house strung with bela flowers.


Thereafter on following days of Ekadasi, Amabasya and Purnima Shree Satyanarayanjee and Shree Laxmijee and other small deities are installed in the auditorium in house with their wooden frames fully decorated and covered with Bela jasmine and other flower and some days being surrounded by Khas Khas Purdah as protection from heat.

On these occasions and also during the full Purushottam month (extra Hindu month after every three years) besides in such flower houses the Deities are placed on elephant, boat, steamer and motor car even aero plane, all prepared of flowers.

On Asar Sukla Ekdasi the deities take seat on Sesh Saiya (Serpent) within ocean scene prepared in the auditorium and on the next purnima a scene of Durbar is prepared with other Gods and Goddesses standing before the Supreme Almighty.

On Asar Sukla 2, the Deities are placed on a wooden chariot replica of the chariot used by Lord Jagannath at Puri and other places for three days and special bhog is offered.

On each day of month of Sravan the deities remain in Jhulan which are changed every day mostly of flowers and also of gold and silver.

On Srawan Krishna 8 (Janmastami) in the midnight the birth advent of Lord Krishna is Celebrated and on the next morning Nandotsav is performed in the auditorium. This is the only day when the Image of Shree Shree Satyanarayanjee is installed with befitting dress in silver cradle with silver toys to play with, Brahmins dressed as Nanda and Jasoda companions and Sakhis with the devotee chanting Bhajan dance in circle before the Deities as happen in Mathura and Vrindaban.

About a fortnight thereafter on Bhadra Sukla Ekadasi the Deities are taken in a big procession through the main thoroughfares of Burrabazar up to the Ganges when Saligramjee as symbol of Lord Krishna takes bath in Ganges Ghat after which Deities come back to the Temple.

On the next day, namely, Baman Dwadasi, Shree Satynarayanjee is given a silver umbrella a Kamandal and Mala in hand and takes the form of Baman Avatar.
This is followed two days after by Ananta Chaturdashi Celebration.

During the first nine days of Aswin Sukla, Durga Puja is celebrated and the sanctum of Parvatijee is decorated and Durga Saptasati (Shree Shree Chandi Granth) is recited followed by Seva Puja, Havan Kirtan.

On Vijaya Dasami Day the Deities again take form of Raja Ram and Sita Mata in a gold silver chariot with Chuttar placed in the auditorium and devotes prays that Ramrajya be established

On Aswin Sukla Purnima in memory of Rashlila of Shree Krishna the Deities are placed in a silver chariot all surrounded and decorated with white, flower and white clothes and bhog of kheer Matira with Puri and Tarkari is offered and thousands of persons get the prasad at midnight.

image 6

This is followed by 4 days celebration during Deep Malika when the deities are installed in gold and silver thrones which are changed every day and on Annakut day Prasad of all possible varieties of sweets Namkeens fruits Tarkaris Mewa is offered which occupy about half of the auditorium and again several devotees get the sacred prasad.

On Kartik Sukla Ekadasi pujan of Tulsi Mata is performed with the Deities in the auditorium.

On Agrahayan Sukla Ekadasi the Deities are installed within a wooden Image of Virat roop with Mahabhagwat Geeta on a chariot driver by Shree Krishna and Arjun with folded hand following the preaching of Lord Krishna.

On the day Makar Sankrami the Deities are again installed in gold and silver throne and Rewari Ghewar are offered as prasad.

On Magh Sukla Panchami the entire decoration is of merrygold flowers and Vasanti clothes and even the prasad of Pera are colored in Vasanti. On both sides of the Deities are installed clay Image of Saraswati (the Devi worshipped on that day throughout the city).

On the day of Mahasivratri special decoration is made of Lord Shiva at the Temple and also at salkia. All these are followed by the biggest festival of Falgoon.

On Falgoon sukla 10 (Dasami) he Deities are taken in their ROlls Royce in spectacular mile long procession, consisting of the aforesaid chariots, wooden chariots, Bhajan and Kirtan parties on foot and lorries. Dressed persons carrying flags and other decorative articles and also other chariots carrying Photographs of the Moulmein and Varanasi Deities, as also other three personal cars of Bagla bearing number “WBH-1, WBG-1 & DLS-1” having on their roof the photographs of the Founder Raja Rai Bahadur Shewbuxi Bagla in his Eaja as also in Pooja dress, Kumar Gangadharji Bagla in his Kumar as also Pooja dress and Satyanaryan Bagla in his normal and Pooja dress. The Procession is headed by 100 years old Nagar Khana. The procession pass through Cotton Street, East Rabindra Sarani, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Mullick Street, Jamunalal Bajaj Street, Netaji Subhas Road, Howrah Bridge to Mukhram Kanoria Road, Temple where the deities take abode for 3/4 days. On the day just preceding the Holika Dahan the procession returns to the Temple through Howrah Bridge, Mahatma Gandhi ROad, Nalini Sett Road, Manohardas Street, Sir Hariram Goenka Street, Burtalla Lane, Burtalla Gali and Kalakar Street.

For the 3/4 days festivals of the Deities the Howrah premises is fully repainted since a month ahead and vastly illuminated. In the special halls Theistic exhibition by clay models of Krishna Lila, Ram Lila and Shree Satyanarayanjee Lila are exhibited besides the several procession chariots. On the occasion, morning puja after wearing yellow silk pitambary is performed by the trustees and Shebayets and their family members. Several important persons are invited including dignitaries, Hon’ble Justices of the Hon’ble High Court and Learned Judges of other Courts of Law also visit on this occasion to pay their respect to the Deities besides several eminent learned counsel and Advocates.

On these days prasad is lavishly distributed as also “goth” every morning & evening at Howrah premises and on this occasion the premises named ‘Satya Dham’ appears to be really “Baikuntha”.

All year round Festivities

In the return procession throughout the road devotees throw Abir Gulal on the Deities and on themselves and it then appears that Calcutta has become Varsana Vrindaban with Kirtan on Dhamal. This is followed by a Fuldol at the Calcutta Temple on next day.

Besides this is on every Purnima the Managing Trustee and Dhebayet performs Puja and wears yellow silk pitambari within the sanctum and thereafter just outside the same is held Satyanaryana Katha and Pujas. Chhapanna Bhog-Prasad-Sweets and Namkeens of 56 varieties are offered by the devotees several times in a year.