Varanasi Temple

Raja Raibahadur Shewbuxjee consecrated a temple, dedicated to Shree Satyanarayanjee, Shree Laxmijee and other Deities, next to the Lord Vishwanathjee Temple in Varanasi and on 24th January 1887, at Saraswati Pathak.

This house of the Gods has been there for over a hundred years and has witnessed numerous devotees’ come and pray with utmost faith. The Trust, managed by the Bagla Family, duly looks after the Temple and the Pujaris who perform the daily Aartis and all other festivities around the year.

In 1987, Satyanarayanji Bagla celebrated the hundred years of the Temple with much pomp and splendor. There were processions of the Bhagwanjee on different chariots and transports, followed by devotees singing and dancing all through the way.

In January 2012, Lalitji Bagla with his son Madhusudanji Bagla celebrated 125 years of the Temple with a very innovative procession of the Gods on boat on the holy waters of the Ganges. All the family members with other devotees assembled at Varanasi to make this ceremony memorable.


In 2019, PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor Project wherein a 20-metre-wide pathway for pilgrims will be constructed which will cover about 320-metre distance from the river to the Kashi Vishwanath temple. The authorities are acquiring many of properties for the same, to clear and make the pathway. Our Temple was one of the marked properties and after much discussions and persuasion, Lalitji & Madhusudanji Bagla, managed to save the same by re-establishing the Temple at another location, previously acquired by their ancestors.

On 11th March, 2020 with proper rituals and Vedic rights, Shree Shree Iswar Satyanarayanjee and other Deities were shifted to the new Temple which is now located at D1/8 Lahori Tola. Once God entered His new home, the family got together to do the Shivji Abhishek and Satyanarayan Katha, followed by a Havana, and then Aarti to thank all the Gods for their blessings. In the end, Prasad (sweets) were distributed to all devotees and the family then served lunch to Brahmins. It was a peaceful and positive event which touched the hearts of Varanasi, gaining accolades and appreciation from all.


There are two halls and few rooms around the Temple, which are going to be used for various charitable purposes like before. Promoting Sanskrit in modern times, fitness through Yoga and free food for the economic weaker sections are some of the activities carried on in these halls.